Snack Program

In Early Childhood classrooms, an assortment of healthy foods such as fruit, veggies, pretzels, and crackers are provided for snack (covered by a one-time snack fee of $45).  To promote independence, children are free to help themselves to snacks and water, serving themselves, pouring water, clearing the table, washing their dish, and at times cleaning up their own spills.  When there is a birthday celebration in the classroom, children enjoy a treat of fruit salad (provided by the child's family) and popcorn. 

In Elementary classrooms, snacks are also provided, but instead of charging a snack fee, students take turns bringing a snack for their class about once per month. Not a big meal, just enough for everyone to enjoy a small snack. Along with the snack, students prepare a "Snack Report" on an assigned topic, which they present orally to their class. Snack time is also an opportunity to promote health and wellness, and students are encouraged to prepare a healthy snack of fruits and veggies and less of the processed, sugary variety. 

Snack report assignments will be scheduled and posted for the upcoming month starting the first day of school.

Lunch Program

Students staying for lunch (Kindergarten, Elementary, and Pre-Schoolers staying for extended care) need to pack their own lunch or have a meal plan card to purchase school lunch or family lunch (when available). 

Lunch is offered for purchase three days a week. All lunches are served with fresh fruit and veggies. Gluten free and vegetarian options offered regularly.  

  • "School Lunch" refers to meals prepared by staff for students. The elementary classes take turns about once per month to help Mrs. Thaler prepare a simple meal. We take ownership of the whole process from meal planning to food preparation and cooking, and serving. However, we would like parent volunteers to help serve lunch at Harborside. Please click the link below to volunteer.

  • "Family Lunch" refers to meals prepared by LOL families. This is a favorite parent-volunteer activity and spots to serve lunch tend fill up quickly. Click here learn more about the Family Lunch program. Click on and fill out the sign-up form below.

Generally, the lunch schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Family Lunch (prepared and served by LOL families - sign up below!)

  • Tuesday: Pizza (from locally-owned Timothy's Pizzeria, served by office staff)

  • Wednesday: School Lunch (prepared and served by office staff or elementary classes)

Meal Plan Cards

Here are the options:

Full Pay

Includes lunch 3 times per week. 1 pizza lunch, one family lunch, one hot lunch.

$395 for the year.

A $20 dollar savings!

36 meal card

24 school lunches and 12 pizza lunches


A $10 savings.

12 meal card

8 school lunches and 4 pizza lunches


Pizza Card

Includes 12 pizza only lunches


Please choose the option that works best for your child/ren and email us at with your student/students names. You can pay by check, credit card, cash, or you can request an invoice. Once you have purchased the best plan for your child, a meal card with their name on it will be created and kept at school. It will be “punched” each time they receive lunch.

If your child does not have a meal plan and needs lunch, they can pay in cash on the day OR we can invoice you for a 12 meal card.

Pricing this year is as follows:

Freshly prepared lunch will cost $3.50 and will be served 2 times per week.

Pizza lunch will be $5.00 and will include 1or 2 slices of regular or gluten- free pizza, salad and or fresh fruit or vegetable and water. Pizza will be served once per week.

Lunch Calendar