Snack and Supplies


The way supplies and snack works…

Given the limited storage space available on our campuses, we are switching the way that we do ordering of classroom supplies that are used communally, such as pencils and erasers, and are no longer offering the option to purchase such supplies yourself. We appreciate your understanding!

This is a one-time fee due at the beginning of the school year:

·      Kindergarteners (Mrs. D’Amico, Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Casalini): $30

·      Lower Elementary (Mrs. Giordano & Mrs. Hodgkinson): $35

·      Upper Elementary (Mrs. Thompson/Angello): $40

There is no supplies charge for Preschoolers.

If you are purchasing a new backpack for your child, please be reminded that storage space is at a premium. A SMALL backpack is definitely better!  Backpacks with wheels may look cool, but they take up more space and they don’t work particularly well going over the wood chips at Harborside – please, no backpacks with wheels!


Early Education Snack (PreK & K)

We provide snack at school so there is no need to send in snacks with your child. Each family contributes a one-time fee of $45, due at the beginning of the year, which will go towards the purchase good quality produce and organic/healthy snacks.  We always offer a fruit/vegetable which the children prepare for themselves, together with crackers or pretzels.  We are mindful of allergies when purchasing and serving snack. Fresh cool water is available all day.  Children are free to come and take a snack during the morning when they are hungry.  Except for birthdays we do not eat snack all together at the Early Education level. 


Elementary Snack

For Elementary students there is no charge.  Instead, on an approximately once a month basis, they are responsible for bringing in a snack to share with their class.  On the day they are due to bring in a snack, they also will need to have prepared a “snack report” on an assigned topic which they will give orally to their class. 

The snack requested will be as follows:   Please have your child bring in a nutritious snack for the class (you will be given the number of students in the class.)  Remember, it’s a snack, not a meal.  One box of crackers or some fruit, veggies or cheese should be sufficient.  NO HIGH SUGAR ITEMS PLEASE!  We’d like to stress more fruits and veggies than crackers and pretzels.