Kindergarten & Elementary School Dismissal

Dismissal is at 3pm.

Bus: Kindergarten and elementary children taking the bus will be brought to the bus pick-up area in front of the Den and Totem Pole cabins. The children will be expected to wait in their particular bus line until their bus is called and everyone will board in an orderly manner.  

Parent pickup: Children not taking the bus will be brought to the picnic tables outside Bayview cabin (the upper elementary classroom) to wait for pickup. Those picking up are asked to walk the north side of the driveway that circles the Retreat Center (as you are facing the Retreat Center in the parking lot, that is the driveway on the right) to and from the pick-up location. A staff member will be there with a sign-out sheet which parents need to sign before taking their child.

After pickup, you are welcome to stay and play on the playground or playing field, but please do not linger in the pick-up area.

Keeping the children waiting for pickup separate from those taking the bus will help those dealing with the bus loading stay more focused on getting everyone safely on their way home.