Dismissal changes

When you need to make a one-time change to your child’s normal dismissal plan, please send us an email detailing the change before 11 am for preschoolers, and 1 pm for K-6 graders. An email on the day of the change gives us a timely reminder in writing that ensures an accurate list for each day.

Early dismissal

When the need arises for a student to be picked up from school at a time other than dismissal, we do our best to have that child ready to leave at the pre-arranged time. The best way to help us accommodate you, is to call 10 minutes prior to your arrival, so we can give the student time to conclude their lesson or activity, gather their things, and move to the office for pick up. We respect the work of the child, and we have a large campus, so please build in time to allow for these factors.

Preschool Dismissal

The preschool academic day ends at noon. Please pick your child up at their cabin. If you plan to stay and enjoy the campus, please do so only in areas that are NOT being used by children who are still at school. Please respect this important safety protocol. If you are enjoying an area of the campus, and you see a class group approaching, please move to another area.

The Den is the home base for the Pre-K Extended Day program and children are brought to that cabin by staff at noon. At times they will be out enjoying the grounds and playgrounds weather permitting. If you pick up your child from Pre-K Extended Day at 3:00 pm, it is important to note that pick up occurs at the picnic bench outside of the Bayview cabin.

Kindergarten & Elementary School Dismissal

Dismissal is at 3pm.

Bus: Kindergarten and elementary children taking the bus will be brought to the bus pick-up area in front of The Den and Totem Pole cabins. The children will be expected to wait in their particular bus line until their bus is called and everyone will board in an orderly manner.  

Parent pickup: Children not taking the bus will be brought to the picnic tables outside Bayview cabin (the upper elementary classroom) to wait for pickup. Those picking up are asked to walk the north side of the driveway that circles the Retreat Center (as you are facing the Retreat Center in the parking lot, that is the driveway on the right) to and from the pick-up location. A staff member will be there with a sign-out sheet which parents need to sign before taking their child.

Please do not linger in the pick-up area. If you plan to stay and enjoy our campus, please do so in an area not being used by our aftercare program. This ensures clarity about which adults are supervising which children and helps keeps everyone safe.

Please also ensure that you are not distracting staff and children in the bus dismissal area. The priority at this time of day is ensuring every child is safely on their way home.

Aftercare dismissal

Our aftercare program is based in The Den and ends promptly at 5:30 pm. If for any reason a situation arises where you are unable to pick up on time, please arrange for another adult to pick up your child. If you are going to retrieve your child while aftercare is in process, your student may likely be enjoying outdoor time on the playground or the field. Students being picked up during outdoor play must still be dismissed by aftercare staff, and signed out by the parent or guardian.