Parent Teacher conferences are special for parents and teachers. It is an opportunity to assess your child's progress from the beginning of the year until now. 

Conferences are scheduled for the last two Fridays in January - the 18th and 25th. They are scheduled at half-hour intervals, starting at 8:30am. School is closed these two Fridays, so you will need to make other arrangements for your children.

We look forward to meeting with you, addressing your questions and concerns and sharing our perspective. See below for some guidelines in an effort to make this time productive for all. 

1. What is a Parent Teacher Conference?

The conference is an opportunity to meet together to exchange information and concerns about your child's development. You are a provider as well as receiver of information. 

2. How do I prepare for a Parent Teacher Conference?

In order to avoid that nagging feeling that you forgot to ask an important question, you are welcome to bring a list of questions and to bring a pad and pen to write down suggestions. Also, make a list of things you would like the teacher to know about if not already mentioned in previous contacts - things like:

  • Special health needs or problems

  • Outside interests and hobbies

  • Feelings about school

  • Relationships with siblings

3. What will occur during the conference?

In general, your child's teacher will be prepared to discuss the following with reference to your child:

  • Activity and materials your child likes to work with

  • Social progress of your child, including getting along with others; feelings of self-esteem and behavior

  • Your child's strengths and weaknesses in the school setting

  • Any other observations that may be helpful

4. What information should the parent provide?

In this give and take meeting, you can help by giving the teacher any information that will be useful in helping to better understand your child. Types of info that may prove useful:

  • Recent crises in the child's life (separation, divorce, death of a close family member)

  • After school activities

  • Special interests

  • Conflict among family members

  • It is not necessary to reveal personal information. However, anything you do say will be kept in confidence

5. How should my child be involved in the conference?

While a child's attendance at a conference is strongly discouraged, there will be (depending on your child's age) a degree of curiosity and anxiety that should be dealt with. We suggest the following:

  • Talk to your child before the conference to get their ideas about how they feel about your meeting with their teacher

  • Tell your child what was discussed (omit items your child is not mature enough to understand)

  • BE POSITIVE. Always start with positive points before discussing shortcomings. Positive self-esteem is a vital part in the education of a child.

  • Talk about changes or new rules.

6. Who benefits from the conference? Everyone!

Parents hear about their child from a different perspective and learn how they act independently of them. Teachers have a better understanding of the individual needs of the child and are then better able to meet those needs. Most importantly, the child receives a better and more personalized education!

7. Helpful Hints:

  • It's especially helpful if both parents can attend

  • Be on time - one late comer can throw off everyone's schedule for the whole day! If something comes up making it impossible for you to keep your appointment, please call as soon as possible so we can make another appointment for you.