Love of Learning Montessori School

Mission Statement

Love of Learning Montessori School is a private, not-for-profit, non-denominational school committed to providing a dynamic learning environment for children from diverse backgrounds.  This child-centered school promotes a love of learning and positive character development. Professionally-trained staff and a carefully prepared environment help each child reach their true potential. Our implementation of the Montessori Method promotes the development of self-motivation, independence, curiosity, cooperation and concern for others within the framework of a strong academic program.

Cami Thompson, Executive Director

Love of Learning Policies and Procedures



  1. Love of Learning Montessori School is open to all children regardless of race, religion, creed or ethnic origin.

  2. Tuition payments will be made according to the tuition schedule plan you selected on your child’s application. When your registration is acknowledged, you will be emailed an invoice with all applicable school fees, including tuition. Please send in the payment indicated on the due date(s.)

  3. A service charge of $15.00 will be assessed for all checks returned to us. Upon notification of the returned check, payment must be made in full, in cash.

  4. There is a 10% discount for younger siblings of children enrolled in our program.

  5. In addition to the Montessori program, child care is available through the Extended Hours program on an as needed basis. The charge for these extra hours is $12/hour from noon - 3pm, and $10 from 3:00 - 5:30 pm. For flat rate options call the office. Child care hours are 12pm to 5:30pm

  6. Children withdrawing before May 1st will receive a prorated refund. After May 1st there are no refunds.


We hold several family events during the year, and often one major fundraiser. These events are successful in large part because of parent involvement. Many are planned in conjunction with the LOL Parent Association (PA), which meets throughout the school year. Parents are encouraged to participate in the PA. If it is not possible to attend the meetings, parent volunteers are very welcome and needed to help coordinate and staff events such as:

  • Weekly Hot Lunch

  • Fall Pot Luck Supper

  • Flowering Bulb Sale

  • Citrus Sale

  • Scholastic Book Sale

  • Bowling Party

  • Spring Gala

  • Huntington Tulip Festival

  • Science Fair

  • End of School-Year Picnic

Visit the Parent Association page on the website ( for more information on available volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities will also be promoted weekly through Parent News which is posted on our website, usually on Sunday evenings, during the school year.

If you have a special skill you would like to share, speak with the Parent Association President ( or the Office (


All children, both new and returning, are required to have a current health record/physical exam and immunization report before their first day of school. This yearly update is necessary for the health and safety of your child and others, and is required by NYS. Children without the proper health and immunization records will be prohibited from attending school.

  1. When your child is absent, please call or email the office first thing in the morning. A parent note explaining the absence is required upon return. If your child is out more than three days, a doctor’s note may be needed. Your child must be fever and symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

  2. Children who become ill cannot remain at school. Parents will be called to pick up their child in a timely manner.

  3. Contagious diseases need to be reported to the office immediately. Your child may need a physician health status statement in order to return.

  4. Head lice needs to be reported to the office immediately. Children need to be treated with appropriate medicated shampoo, and cannot return until 24 hours after the treatment is applied and no active signs of the head lice remain.

  5. Children requiring medication during school hours must follow guidelines as mandated by state law. A child must have a written request from both parent and physician with directions regarding frequency and dosage. The medication must be in the appropriately labeled package from the pharmacy, delivered by an adult, and given to a staff member. Medication cannot be kept with the child's belongings.



  • The website ( is your primary destination for all school-related information. From the school calendar, events, volunteer opportunities, lunch menus, Parent News, and more - most of the information you need is on the website.


  • Please use email as the primary method for corresponding with the school. The email for the Main Office is This is the best way to send updates about your child (e.g., if they are absent, want to join an ancillary class, etc.).

  • As email is our most effective method of school-wide communication, we need at least one email address on file per family.

  • We recommend assigning one point person from your family who is responsible for staying up-to-date with school notices by reading the Parent News, our weekly newsletter posted on our website every Sunday night, as well as other email communication sent during the week.

  • Please remember to add our new email address, to your contact list so our email doesn’t end up in your spam folder.

Voice & Text

  • The new school phone number is (631) 629-5599. This is a Google Voice number, which allows us to receive and respond to text messages.

  • Texting the school is best utilized for quick questions and updates, such as reporting absences and requesting Extended Hours childcare. Texting is not appropriate for addressing topics that require more discussion or back/forth interaction.


  • Periodic posts will be shared on the Love of Learning Facebook Page at; “Like” the page to see updates.

  • Connect with the Love of Learning Community in a closed Facebook Group. This is a great way to build community, and give/offer support and get oriented to the customs and traditions of the school. The group is managed by parent volunteers and is not a substitute for direct communication with the school. Join at:


  1. In general, all communication should first go through the Main Office. This prevents classroom interruptions and ensures that the appropriate staff members are notified as needed. From bus transportation, recess, lunch, specials, and ancillaries, the children interact with a wide and loving network of staff members throughout the day. If you have concerns or questions about your child’s wellbeing at school, please reach out to the Main Office first.

  2. Teachers provide information on your child’s progress in the classroom.

  3. Parent-Teacher conferences are held in January for all students. Preschool end-of-year progress is communicated with a written progress report. Kindergarten and elementary written progress reports are sent home in January and June. Elementary students receive portfolio assessments about every six weeks.

  4. If you have questions about your child’s progress, your child’s teacher will be happy to talk with you after class or call you at home. Please do not contact teachers during class hours to limit interruptions in the classroom.

  5. Each teacher has their own preferred method of communication - please ask your teacher how to best communicate with them.

  6. It is not appropriate to contact teachers outside of normal business hours (evenings and weekends).

  7. Serving as a Class Parent is a wonderful opportunity to feel more connected to your child’s teacher; other parents can reach out to the Class Parent for information on what’s happening in the classroom.


  1. Doors open at 8:50am and class starts at 9am.

  2. Unless your child is being bused, all parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school. Only designated adults may pick-up a child. The person picking up the child must be prepared to show identification.

  3. Family pets should not be brought on school grounds by parents or children without prior permission by the school.

  4. Bringing a knife or other sharp object to school will result in immediate suspension. Electronic devices may be used on the bus, but not in school. Toys, games, cards, gum or candy are not to be brought to school.

  5. Children are expected to dress neatly. All outer garments should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. Revealing tops (shoulders or midriffs) or bottoms (low-riders), clothing with distracting words or images, and anything that shows underwear is not allowed. Remember, children sit cross-legged on the floor!

  6. Children walk and play outside nearly every day and should wear clothing that is serviceable and appropriate for the weather. Sneakers are required for gym days.

  7. If you do not want your child to participate in recess or gym, please send an email or note stating the reason and length of time the child should be excused.

  8. Flip-flops & Crocs are not allowed as they can lead to injury, particularly when walking or running on woodchips! Some classrooms allow slippers – your child’s teacher will let you know about this.

  9. Birthdays are celebrated in the classroom with popcorn made in class. Fruit may be brought from home; no sweets please. If your child is having a party, please mail the invitations rather than having your child hand them out in class.

  10. The school grounds are to be treated kindly. Awareness and respect for the classrooms, flowers, trees, paths, and water help all of us to live in harmony with the environment.


The Montessori curriculum is rich and varied; it involves music, art and hands-on exploration of the natural world. During the school day there are many opportunities for your child to be involved in enriching activities.

In addition to the classroom, we offer fall, winter and spring lessons by trained professionals in areas such as art for all ages, pre-school music, elementary chess & foreign language. The cost of these is included in PreSchool Extended Hours. For Kindergarten and Elementary students, the cost for these activities ranges from $12-$25 per session, depending on the activity. Musical instrument lessons are also offered for older children, and are billed quarterly for the number of sessions held.

Registration for ancillary classes begins 2-3 weeks before the class, and is first come, first served. Payment is expected with enrollment in the activity paperwork. Refunds are given through the first class. No refunds are given after the second class. If a session is cancelled we will try to make-up the class, either on a different day or by extending the class one week, at the discretion of the school. Make-ups are not offered when a child is absent.

Ancillary classes go beyond the level possible in a classroom and demand a high level of interest and concentration. This kind of specialized instruction is not interesting or appropriate for every child and is offered separately as an optional extra.

Normally for new 3 year olds experiencing their first time away from home, the morning Montessori class is enough for the Fall and staying for Extended Hours/Ancillary activities would not be encouraged until late Fall or Winter.  


  1. All students attending our school are expected to show respect for themselves, others and the environment.

  2. Students are never allowed to improperly touch, hit or fight with other children or with adults. Bullying, name calling, ridiculing, or excluding others is not allowed. Taking property that belongs to others without their permission is not permitted (approval cannot be forced). Students are not allowed to use improper or profane language. Objects may not be thrown. Rudeness is not acceptable. If disagreements occur, the students involved should inform the teacher or assistant so that an intervention and peaceful settlement can be reached.

  3. For students riding the bus, the only behavior that is allowed is one of civility and respect toward each other and the driver. Upon entering, each student must go to a seat and apply their seat belt properly. Students are not allowed to stand while the bus is in motion. They are not to misbehave or to place any body part out of the window. These conduct rules are in place to guard and protect all. Violation may result in being temporarily or permanently denied bus transportation.

  4. Electronic games and cell phones are not allowed during school hours, including recess, and should remain in the backpack. All communications during the day between child and parent must be done through the office. LOL is not responsible for these items.

  5. If you need to pick up your child early please let us know in advance by email or note so we can have your child ready. At Harborside, come to the school office to collect your child – this will help to keep class interruptions to a minimum.

  6. Snack is handled in two different ways. At the elementary level each child will be responsible for providing snack for their class on the day their “snack report” is due. At the pre-school/kindergarten level there will be a yearly donation of $45 per child and a parent volunteer will purchase healthy snacks – fruit, veggies, crackers – for the class. Snack time is time to send a message regarding good nutrition, not a time for loading up on sugar. Visit for more information. Additional information will be shared in the fall.

  7. Children staying for lunch should bring their own box lunch. No soda and no highly sugared items please! Also,due to allergies, trading lunch items is not permitted. There is a hot lunch option once a week at Harborside provided by volunteer parents. Pizza and “school lunches” are also provided weekly. Visit for more information. Additional information will be shared in the fall.

  8. Playdates should be arranged in advance. If they involve children doing something different from what is usually done at dismissal time, the school needs to be notified in writing. Children are not permitted to call home at the last minute to change plans.

  9. Love of Learning Montessori School reserves the right to discontinue enrollment for any child determined by our staff to be unmanageable or inappropriately placed. The final decision in this matter will be made by the Directors.

  10. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school in carrying out all governmental laws, rules and regulations affecting the operation of the Love of Learning Montessori School. This agreement may be changed at any time by the Love of Learning Montessori School to comply with governmental regulations or for any other reason.

  11. Occasionally, pictures are taken of the children involved in school activities for educational and promotional purposes. Such pictures become the property of the school and may be used as deemed necessary unless specifically requested otherwise. See Protection of Minor's’ Identity Policy below for more details.


Love of Learning believes that protecting children's privacy online is extremely important, particularly given the dynamic nature of the Internet.

If a parent or guardian wants an image of his or her child removed from the school’s Web site, Love of Learning will honor that request.

In addition, it is Love of Learning’s policy that parents and guardians also recognize and respect the protection of the student body’s privacy online.  Specifically, the school requests that parents or guardians pledge to (i) refrain from posting any images (including photographs and videos) of a Love of Learning Student online, unless that student’s parent or guardian has expressly authorized the distribution of his or her child’s image online; and (ii) honor requests by a parent or guardian to delete or remove images of his or her child if images are posted online.  


Your child’s complete immunization report and health record is required with the first tuition payment (July or August). A copy of your child’s immunization record and health status can be obtained from your doctor’s office. Please send in a paper copy as fax copies are sometimes unreadable.


  1. For the first few days only, school hours for your child will be 9am to 11am. Once your child has settled into the routine he/she will be expected to attend for the full 3-hour session.

  2. If there are separation problems when your child is being dropped off, please do not linger trying to comfort him/her. Trust the teachers and aides. Once in the classroom with the other children, tears are turned into smiles within a few minutes. If there is a problem we will phone you.

  3. It is expected that all children entering the Montessori program will be potty trained before the first day of classes.

  4. A complete change of clothes should be left at school for your child throughout the school year, taking into account seasonal needs and some classroom activities.


Tuition normally covers most of the school’s basic operational costs. To make improvements and enhancements to our operation we look to grants and additional tax deductible donations.

Visit the Giving section of the website ( to learn more about the different ways to support the school. From passive fundraisers through Amazon Smile, to holiday shopping, fundraising events, and the Annual Art Auction & Gala, there are many fun and easy ways to support the school.