Technology Discussion Notes & Resources

Parent Association Meeting Notes - November 14, 2017

“How Technology Impacts the Montessori Child”


Discussion Points:

1. Many Technology leaders have a Montessori background and credits their Montessori schools with allowing them to think for themselves, thus fostering their creativity. One leader praised Montessori for how it "taught me the joy of discovery," ..... It's all about learning on your own terms rather than a teacher explaining stuff."

2. Technology leaders actually did not allow their own children devices, like Apple's late founder Steve Jobs.

3. We all agree the Montessori education improves children’s enjoyment of learning and instills self-confidence, focus, and independence.

4. Technology can be meaningful;

  • When it is used properly, technology can increase the social and cognitive skills of children
  • Developmentally appropriate digital resources can create interactive environments where children are engaged in mastering specific skills at their own individual rates.
  • Children can be challenged and become more proficient through technology that offers prompts to high levels of engagement.
  • Technology use like Coding can be beneficial for children as it teaches a highly demand skill needed for future jobs.

5. Technology can be dangerous Screen time:

  • Screen time use (phones, tables, TV, computer) is at an all-time high - daily use exceeds 2 hrs for children under 9yrs old
  • Screen time has been linked to Childhood obesity, language delays, strained and poor eyesight, male fertility, sleep and more.
  • For older kids, technology also presents Social Media woes like cyber-bullying, psychological difficulties, and hyperactivity.

6. What is a Montessori family/child to do?

  • No screen use for children under 6 - or minimal use
  • Limit time for children over 6 - with rules around homework first, no devices after dinner, etc.
  • Be more available for children - do things with them to avoid screen time
  • Watch movies with children and talk with them during the experience - make interactive
  • Get out of mind-set of "inconvenience" - and it's OK for kids to talk loudly in restaurants instead of quieting them with device
  • Allow technology for coding and other positive learning experiences

Next Steps:

  1. Keep researching and discussion topic amongst ourselves. 
  2. Have a discussion with significant other - get on the same page around house rules and policies.
  3. PA to look into screening "Screenagers" movie in 2018


  1. Common Sense Media:
  2. Screenagers Documentary:
  3. How does your child's screen time measure up? (CNN)
  4. Report: Young kids spend over 2 hours a day on screens (CNN)
  5. What Would Maria Montessori Say About the iPad? (Children's Technology Review)