We treat our Parent Association uniquely, as we realize your time and resources are precious!

Our PA focuses on three main areas: community building through fun events, enrichment through group discussion, and fundraising through group cooperation!

The level of involvement in our Parents Association that works for your family is entirely up to you! Attendance at our school events and monthly meetings is a great way to see what we are about. Generally, we meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the morning and evening at the Harborside campus.

This year, we challenge all of our Parents to strive for 10 hours of volunteer time for our school.  This is an average of only one hour per month! This can be achieved in so many small ways, or all towards one big event! See the sidebar for open volunteer opportunities. 

The Parent Association exists to further the mission of Love of Learning and enhance the educational experience for the students. The Parent Association achieves this in three ways: 

  1. Fundraising - help fund the important extras and keep tuition rates low 
  2. Community Building & Volunteerism - build bridges and volunteer time, energy and talents to support the school
  3. Montessori Enrichment - learn about Montessori philosophy and practice the method at home

Parent Association - 2017/2018 Core Team

  • President – Renda Grassi (pa@lolmontessori.org)
  • President Elect - OPEN
  • Gala Chair – Norell Liddell (gala@lolmontessori.org)
  • Fundraising Chair - Rhoumela Freedman
  • Volunteer Chair - Melissa Lapp
  • Montessori Enrichment - Tom Czekaj
  • School Apparel - OPEN
  • Class Parents 
  • Classroom Snack Coordinators 

Meetings & Events

View the School Calendar for the comprehensive list of school events:

Facebook Group

To further build community outside of the school, we established a closed Facebook group for the Love of Learning Community: teachers, staff, and parents and caregivers of Love of Learning students, past and present.

This is a place for community-building, asking and answer questions of other parents, planning meet-ups, and giving and getting support. This group will be especially helpful to new families who are navigating the traditions and happenings at our school for the first time. 

This group is managed and moderated by parent volunteers and is not a substitute for direct communication with the LOL staff re private matters or serious issues of concern.

Look how much fun we have!