Dear LoL Community,

Hope your summer is joy-filled and not too hot!

Enclosed you will find a Health Form to be filled out and returned to the school office as soon as possible. In the interests of saving paper, all other informational documents for the 2019-2020 school year have been posted on our website,, in the Parent Corner, under the Forms and Documents section. There you will find the Parent Handbook, Re/Introducing Your Child Form, a Reading Reminder for Elementary students, and much more. Also on our website is our calendar (, which will be updated as events are finalized! Our first Family Fun/Open House will be August 24th and we look forward to seeing you all there.

The theme for this year is the Three C’s: Clarity, Community and Cooperation. Moving with renewed purpose, we want to thank you for all the ways in which you help give, share and support the LoL Family! 

All the best,

Cami Thompson, Lille Craig & Denise Brazeau

PS For our new families, class lists (and start dates for our new preschoolers) are still being finalized. We’ll be in touch shortly with that information; for our returning students, you’ll be in the same class room you were last year, unless moving up or there was a discussion with the director. Enjoy the rest of your summer!