Additional information for the parents of our kindergarten class for 2017-2018:

The kindergarten year is an exciting time in which your children make the transition from doing a predominance of Practical Life and Sensorial activities to an almost total involvement in reading, writing, math and cultural extensions. While some dive in head first from day one, for most, it is a more gradual process that happens very naturally over the course of the Fall.

The hours of our Kindergarten are 9:00AM to 3:00 PM. In the morning, for those returning to us, they will be in the same class they were in last year with children 3 to 5. At 12:00 noon the kindergarten children will gather for lunch. After lunch there will be time outside. Just past 1:00PM we have a lesson that is generally of a more academic nature than what has been given in the morning. After the first week or so, the children work primarily from the language, math and cultural extension shelves during the afternoon work time. As the year progresses, the activities introduced in the afternoon, gradually carry over into their morning work periods. At 2:50PM activities are put away and the children line up for their buses.

We are enclosing a list of supplies your child will need in the classroom. We’ve included a supply charge on your school fees invoice (the one that has your tuition.) If you would like to purchase supplies yourself, let us know and we’ll remove the charge. Keeping track of who owns which pencils, scotch tape, etc. gets a bit confusing - to avoid this it is our practice to keep supplies in common and share as needed.

WITH REGARD TO BUSES: During the week before school starts you should be meeting the bus driver of your child's bus - he/she should be coming to your house on a dry run of the route. At that time you will be given some idea as to what time your child will be picked up and dropped off. If this doesn't happen, please call the transportation office of your local school district.

You should also be aware that on the first few days of school the time your child is actually picked up and dropped off may be very different from what the driver has told you. This is normal and it’s important to bear with the situation if possible rather than resorting to bringing in, or picking up, your child. No matter how well they plan it, there are always individual variations when it comes to the time it takes to actually get the children on and off the bus. Where needed, routes are adjusted during September to get your child to and from school in a timely manner.

WITH REGARD TO TEXTBOOKS: For those in Nassau County, you will soon be notified by the Textbook Coordinator of your local school district, when and where to pick up the textbooks ordered for your child. For those residing in Suffolk County, we will get the books directly from the BOCES Distribution Center. In some cases your child may get a book she/he has already completed at the end of last year. These will be used to replace our stock for the upcoming Kindergarteners in Spring 2018. If your child is not eligible for textbooks due to missing the cutoff birth date, we can purchase the books for you for $80.00. Checks should be made out to LOL Montessori.

We are looking forward to greeting each of your children and beginning anew...