Parents Letter

Dear Parents

We are very excited about welcoming you and your children to the new school year.  Please contact the office if you need directions to your child's cabin for next year.  Returning pre-school and kindergarten children will be in the same classes they were in last year, unless there has been a discussion with directors.

As indicated on the map, only buses will be permitted on the driveway going around behind the Retreat Center.  All cars will need to be parked in the parking lot and your children will need to be walked up to their classroom.  No child should be walking around in the parking lot without an adult in hand – vigilance is imperative!

Pick up at noon-time (Preschoolers) will be from your child’s cabin, and pick-up at 3 will be from the picnic table outside Bayview. If you are picking up your child at other times, please contact the office in advance so that we can have your child ready for pick up at the office trailer.

Once on campus grounds please drive your vehicle no more than 5mph.

Those arriving by bus will be met by members of staff and taken to their classroom.

See you soon!

Cami Thompson, Lille Craig and Denise Brazeau