The Montessori curriculum is rich and varied; it involves music, art and hands on exploration of their world. Specials are offered as part of the kindergarten and elementary programs and take place during the regular school day. 

  • Art (1st-6th grade)

  • Physical Education

  • Music - Chorus (1st-6th grade)

  • Spanish

Ancillary Classes

A variety of after-school enrichment classes are offered throughout the year for all ages. Generally, preschool ancillaries are offered from 12:45pm-1:15 pm and kindergarten-6th grade ancillaries are offered from 3pm-4pm. The cost is included in the price of extended hours for preschoolers. The cost of after school ancillaries are typically $12 – $25 per class, depending on the activity. Ancillaries are offered in the fall, winter, and spring.

  • Adventure Math

  • Chess (offered during the school day on Fridays)

  • Clay

  • Cooking

  • Creative Arts

  • Knitting

  • Girl Scouts

  • Instrument Lessons (offered during the day)

  • Music

  • Sewing

  • Science

  • Spanish

  • Swords

Please note: These classes demand a high level of interest and concentration from the students. This kind of specialized instruction is not appropriate for everyone and is, therefore, optional. These activities are geared more for children four years old and up. For most three year olds, it's recommended to wait until the winter and spring before enrolling in ancillaries. Class sizes are limited. Enrollment is first come, first serve.

Chess on Fridays

Chess on Fridays

Extended Hours Program

After-school care is offered every day until 5:30pm. During this time, children have time for free play as some structured activities (reading stories, doing crafts, singing songs, etc.). Space for nap time is provided where needed. 

To utilize extended hours, contact the Main Office in the morning the same day care is needed. At pick-up, sign-out your child(ren) from the staff person in charge (usually, Liz Gray). The Main Office must be notified to ensure children are directed accordingly (eg. not put on the bus, etc.), do not direct extended hours requests to teaching staff or extended hours staff!

Extended Hours is $12 per hour per child from noon to 3pm, and $10 per hour per child from 3:00 - 5:30 pm, invoiced on a monthly basis. A flat rate is available for families who plan to utilize Extended Day on a regular basis - contact the Main Office to discuss. 

Preschool children staying for Extended Hours will need to bring a lunch or have a lunch ticket.

IMPORTANT! Due to limited staffing, Extended Hours will not offered the following dates: 

  • Halloween Celebration (October)

  • Holiday Concert (December)

  • Science Fair (June)

  • Beach Picnic and Field Day (June)

Click here to learn more about the Extended Hours program.

Free play during extended Hours

Free play during extended Hours