About Extended Hours 

Extended Hours is available to all students, preschool through elementary. The home base for extended hours at Harborside is at Seaside (small cabin down by the water.) Top of the Hill extended hours (which are from noon-three only will be in the classroom.) The schedule for extended hours generally follows the rhythm described below, but will change depending on a number of factors, such as the number of students, the weather, and the ancillary schedules. 

Extended Hours for Preschoolers; Noon-3pm

For Harborside preschoolers, students are picked up at noon by the extended day staff and brought to Seaside for lunch and some quiet time. During quiet time, students have the space to nap, read, or play with puzzles. 

At 1:00pm the preschool ancillary classes (eg. music, sports, Spanish) begin. A change from years previous, all students in extended hours will attend the ancillary class.

After ancillary classes are finished, around 1:45pm, the students have time for recess outside as weather permits. 

From 2:15-3:00pm the students go back to Seaside for structured play which usually includes circle time, a story, and a craft activity.

Top of the Hill preschoolers stay in their classroom and are supervised by the assistant teachers. Ancillary classes for preschoolers will be offered as there is interest.

Extended Hours for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary; 3pm-5:30pm

At 3pm, Harborside and Top of the Hill kindergarten and elementary students join the preschoolers from the morning. Top of the Hill kindergarten and elementary students are shuttled on the bus to the Harborside campus. Preschoolers from Top of the Hill require staying for the afternoon require special transportation arrangements as they are not permitted to ride the bus per state law.

Afternoon extended hours starts with some fun on the playground for about 40 minutes. The students then move on for snack time (provided by the school) in the cafeteria. At 4:30 it's back to Seaside where elementary students have space to do their homework and younger children have time for free play until pickup. 

How to Sign Up for Extended Hours

To utilize extended hours, contact the Main Office in the morning the same day care is needed. At pick-up, sign-out your child(ren) from the staff person in charge (usually, Liz Gray).  

Extended Hours is $12 per hour per child from noon to three, and $10 an hour from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, invoiced on a monthly basis. A flat rate is available for families who plan to utilize Extended Day on a regular basis - contact the Main Office to discuss. 

Preschool children staying for Extended Hours will need to bring a lunch or have a meal plan.

IMPORTANT! Due to limited staffing, Extended Hours will not offered the following dates: 

  • Halloween Celebration (October)

  • Holiday Concert (December)

  • Science Fair (June)

  • Beach Picnic and Field Day (June)