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Start of Fun and Cooperation

Spring brings new energy and life to everything – including your children!  In an effort to channel this energy in positive ways all Elementary kids have Fun & Cooperation activity from now until the end of the year.  Today we will be dividing into teams – each team having kids from every grade. 

Besides having sport and academic challenges, whatever they do above and beyond normal work helps them to earn points for their team – this includes additional helpful chores done at home.  Parents just need to send in a note indicating additional work done and the amount of time spent.  Teachers will award points accordingly.  Homework will for the most part not be assigned but the children will be expected to do homework of their own choosing – the more they do, the more points they get for their team.

By the final day of school all teams have amassed thousands of points and we’ve all had a good time learning the value of putting out some extraordinary efforts in support of one’s team!

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