Enrollment Process

  • Step 1: Schedule a visit with the form below.

  • Step 2: Complete the online application form (you will receive an email with a link and instructions after your visit).

  • Step 3: Remit payment of $100 application fee and 10% deposit fee; these are non-refundable.

  • Step 4: An enrollment acknowledgement email will be sent to you at the completion of these steps. Note: places will not be held until application and fees have been received.

The enrollment process starts by making an appointment to visit the school while class is in session - usually in the morning around 9:30 or 10:00am. After observing a classroom for a time we will interview your child by doing some activities from the shelves with them.  At the conclusion of the observation/interview we will discuss next steps.

Most enrollment interviews are scheduled in February and March for the following school year.  Classes fill up by March or April for the coming year. Once classes reach capacity, a waiting list will be formed and enrollments will occur as spaces open throughout the year. 

Make an appointment by calling the Main Office at (631) 629-5599, emailing the office at admin@lolmontessori.org, or completing the form below:

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Include basic information (name, age) about your child(ren) and scheduling availability.