Enrollment Process

  • Step 1: Schedule a visit with the form below

  • Step 2: Complete the application form within two weeks (you'll receive this at the end of your visit)

  • Step 3: Submit a $100 application fee (non-refundable) and 10% of total tuition deposit (refundable) with the application form

  • Step 4: A hardcopy enrollment acknowledgement will be mailed to your home

The enrollment process starts by making an appointment to visit the school while class is in session - usually in the morning around 9:30 or 10:00am. After observing a classroom for a time we will interview your child by doing some activities from the shelves with them.  At the conclusion of the observation/interview you will be given an application which would need to be returned within two weeks along with a $100 application fee and a 10% deposit.  

Most enrollment interviews are scheduled in January and February for the following school year.  Classes fill up by March or April for the coming year. Once classes reach capacity, a waiting list will be formed and enrollments will occur as spaces open throughout the year. 

Make an appointment by calling the Main Office at (631) 629-5599, emailing the office at admin@lolmontessori.org, or completing the form below:

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Include basic information (name, age) about your child(ren) and scheduling availability.