Only practical work and experience can lead the young to maturity.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

The Elementary Years

In the early childhood experience children learn through what Maria Montessori termed, “the Absorbent Mind.” Whatever was going on in the classroom, they soaked up like a sponge. Now, the elementary environment, that facility is gone and children learn the way adults learn, through an act of the will. They are less focused on themselves and their imagination becomes the key to learning.There is increased interest in the big picture – in a “Cosmic Education.” Having mastered the basics of reading, writing and math, they are now able to use these skills to gain an understanding of the universe guided by the fire of their imagination.  

In Lower Elementary, again a three-age grouping of 6 to 9 year olds, the curriculum is structured around “Five Great Lessons”: The Story of Creation, The Coming of Life, the Development of Human Beings, the Story of Writing, the Story of Numbers.

In Upper Elementary class – children 9 to 12 years old – the world is an ever-expanding place. Their imagination is able to grasp more complex and abstract concepts. Hands-on activities broaden in scope and include practical application outside the classroom. How society works and what is their role and responsibility towards it are topics of consideration.

What happens to kids who graduate from Elementary? Year after year, the anecdotal evidence is mounting – they appear to be doing very well. This statement put together regarding our 6th grade class of 2014 is characteristic. 

Bottom line: Our diverse students with different backgrounds, interests and abilities, all do well in whatever academic environment they found themselves in after Montessori. Adapting to the Common Core, fitting in with their peer group despite being the new student at school – these don’t seem to have been issues for any of the Love of Learning graduates.


Elementary Special Events:

  • Woods Recess

  • Gardening

  • Caumsett Overnight

  • Long Island Topography Bike Trip

  • Earthkeepers program

  • Past (and potentially future!) trips have been:

    • Class trip to Sweet Briar Nature Center

    • Native American program by Tipi Ted

    • 3rd grade trip to Green Belt Trail Hike & Whaling Museum

    • Class trip to Long Island Aquarium