Changes for Next Year


As announced in the May 29, 2018 edition of the Parent News, here are some exciting changes for the 18-19 school year!

Lunch Program Improvements

In response to parent feedback, we are doing away with paper lunch tickets to reduce administrative overhead and make the program more convenient for families! Here are the options:

Full Pay

Includes lunch 3 times per week. 1 pizza lunch, one family lunch, one hot lunch.

$395 for the year.

A $20 dollar savings!

36 meal card

24 school lunches and 12 pizza lunches


A $10 savings.

12 meal card

8 school lunches and 4 pizza lunches


Pizza Card

Includes 12 pizza only lunches


Please choose the option that works best for your child/ren and email us at with your student/students names. You can pay by check, credit card, cash, or you can request an invoice. Once you have purchased the best plan for your child, a meal card with their name on it will be created and kept at school. It will be “punched” each time they receive lunch.

If your child does not have a meal plan and needs lunch, they can pay in cash on the day OR we can invoice you for a 12 meal card.

Love of Learning serves lunch 3 times per week. Once per week lunch is prepared with by staff, often with help from students, once per week a parent Volunteers to make lunch with our staff, and once per week we have Pizza and fresh sides. 

In the 15 years that LOL has been at this location, there has never been an increase in the cost of lunch. In order to continue to provide high-quality nutrition, a price adjustment is necessary. 

Pricing increase this year is as follows:

Freshly prepared lunch will cost $3.50 and will be served 2 times per week.

Pizza lunch will be $5.00 and will include 1or 2 slices of regular or gluten- free pizza, salad and or fresh fruit or vegetable and water. Pizza will be served once per week.


Extended Hours and Ancillary Classes

As our Extended Hours program has grown, we're implementing some updates to accommodate the success of the program. 

For preschoolers: Extended Hours and Ancillary Classes are to be merged into one program, from noon to 3pm.  Preschoolers staying after school from noon to 3pm will automatically attend any ancillary class (music, sports, art etc) scheduled for that day. The rate is $12 per hour. If you would like your child to attend a specific class as an enrichment, we will be publicizing the schedule, so just make sure your child stays for extended hours on those days!

For kindergarteners and elementary children: Extended Hours and Ancillary Classes will continue to be separate programs.

Extended Hours for all students will continue to be available from 3 to 5:30 pm every day. To ensure adequate staffing for our increased numbers and streamline our invoicing process, we're raising the price from $8 to $10 per hour per child, charged by the half-hour (rather than the quarter hour as previously done.) Extended Hours will also gain a permanent home in the Seaside Cabin!