Thoughts on Enrollment for Next Year

First some quotes from Thomas Friedman’s book: The World is Flat:

“What is really necessary is for everybody to wake up to the fact that there is a fundamental shift that is happening in the way people are going to do business. And everyone is going to have to improve themselves to be able to compete…

…when I was growing up, my parents used to say to me, “Tom, finish your dinner – people in China and India are starving.” My advice today is: “…finish your homework – people in China and India are starving for your jobs.” And in a flat world, they can have them, because in a flat world there is no such thing as an American job. There is just a job, and… it will go to the best, smartest, most productive…wherever he or she resides.”

A few pages further on in the book, Mr. Friedman quotes from a letter he received from a 5th grade teacher commenting on parent teacher conferences he had just concluded at his school in the State of Washington. He was struck by how much conferences could be such a cultural study. In his conferences with immigrant parents, they all complained their kids were not getting enough homework and that the course work was not challenging enough. In contrast: “Sadly, many …white, American, middle class parents told me that the 5th grade work was too hard on their kids. They couldn’t possibly complete it and have time to “be a kid.” Soccer, gymnastics, music lessons and dinner out squeezed their education time… In an academic sense we lost our hunger...We’re complacent and headed for trouble…”

Montessori education challenges and stretches your children to become the vital, thinking individuals with the creative mental stamina needed to complete in the world they will find themselves in. These are challenging times for young families and there are no easy answers as to the best path you choose to follow for your child’s education. We appreciate the fact that so many of you are choosing to reenroll your children for the 2018 - 2019 school year so that they can continue having the daily mental exercise needed to become the successful, joyful, accomplished individuals they are meant to be. We remind you that this Friday, February 2nd is the deadline for the early bird special rate for returning children. We are not apt to have much space left after Friday, if any. Please be in touch with us this week if you need more time or have questions regarding making important educational decisions about your child’s education for next year.

Sheldon Thompson