New Safety Protocols for Love of Learning Montessori School - Effective 3/05/18

(The information below was also emailed to all parents on Friday, March 2.)

As we examined our operation protocols over the last few weeks, we formed a deeper understanding of what it takes to retain a balance between freedom and security.  It is a balance our country on the whole works towards everyday.  Having an open campus at Harborside and a century-old building at Top of the Hill means our children get the great benefit of history, nature, free play and physical activity everyday.  The new Love of Learning Montessori School policies included below will help us continue to flourish in that environment while adding additional safety measures beginning Monday, March 5, 2018.

For All Parents:

1.  Dismissal at Love of Learning takes place at 2:50 pm and 3:00 pm depending on your child’s campus.  We understand, however, that there are times when children need to be picked up early, be picked up instead of taking the bus, take the bus instead of being picked up or have someone other than yourself pick them up.  We are more than happy to accommodate these requests if they are received via email or text to the school phone by 2:30 on the day of the change.  Changes in pick up must now be emailed to, or texted to the school phone number (631-629-5599); any other form of communication (such as phone call or note) must be followed up by an email or text message.

2.  Whenever your pick up your child, please make sure to sign them out.  This is a joint effort between staff and parent to make certain that our children are safely accounted for at all times.

3.  If your child receives either prescribed, OTC or Holistic medication, please properly label that medication with instructions and leave it with their teacher or in the Main Office.  Medication should not be kept in backpacks or lunch boxes.

4.  All children will receive a safety review when we return from the break.  This review will include the basics of bus etiquette including following driver instructions, using inside voices and wearing seatbelts.  We will gently remind older children to set examples for younger ones as they do in the classroom.  Additionally we will introduce new guidelines such as fire safety, the buddy system, recess parameters and golf cart usage during this review. 

5.  If your child attends Harborside, please walk children up/down the North side of the Retreat Center - the side where the loading dock is located - during drop off or pick up.  

6.  If your child attends Top of the Hill, our classes commence at 8:50 a.m.  Please be prompt.  While we will extend a 20 minute grace period, our doors at TOH will be locked at 9:10 a.m. for safety but also so our teachers can begin focusing on the class in its entirety without interruption.

For All Parents, Teachers & Staff:

1.  At Top of Hill, we will be locking our Hall door at 9:10 a.m.  The front door will be locked after all buses are received for the morning.   

2.  At Harborside, if you arrive after the 20 minute grace period, please bring your child to the Main Office and we will escort them to their classroom.

3.  During recess and gym classes, the gate to the gravel road at Harborside will be closed.  Please drive in/out using the main driveway. 

4.  At recess our staff will be assigned zones, so they will be sufficiently spread out to cover the field and wooded areas.   Children will be reminded to only enter the parking lot or other side of the fence when in the company of an adult.

5.  Children will be paired up when moving about on both Campuses including going to the Main Office, the restrooms, other cabins or other areas such at Wesley Hall at Top of the Hill.

6.  While we all love Brother Larry and his golf cart, children are not allowed on the cart without an adult.  The key to the cart will be carried by a staff member at all times.

The information we’ve shared above can always be positively reinforced at home.  We encourage you to use this list to have conversations, draw pictures with littler ones and share stories about similar expectations when you were a child.   We also encourage our student body to refrain from any and all exposure to news outlets which tend to show violent images and promote fear mongering.  Our children have tremendous inner work to do as they develop and this work at such early ages need not be ever disturbed by information that is neither useful nor developmentally appropriate.  

We appreciate your sincere attention and cooperation.