A Special Announcement: Introducing Our Incoming Director

Love of Learning Montessori has been a wonderful opportunity for the children. For the last few months, we have been working on laying the plans for 2018 to make the school truly great.

Part of this change is introducing new leadership and I’m pleased to announce that Mimosa Jones Tunney will become the school’s director through 2020, making LOL into a powerhouse of Montessori education.

Prior to her start date of June 30, 2018, Mrs. Jones Tunney will be spending a lot of time at our school getting to know teachers and staff in personal interviews and gaining a deep understanding of our operations as well as developing growth projects in nature-based learning and gardening, language immersion and art and music.

I will continue as Director Emeritus - spending lots of time with Mimosa and continuing to be very much a part of the school. Lille Craig will continue as Assistant Director.

The coming months will give you all an opportunity to get to know Mimosa as an articulate, vital advocate with a passion for Montessori education. Since enrolling her children in our school and founding the Montessori Enrichment program, Mimosa has become a mentor and advocate for many parents and their children. Her background in Montessori is vast having written and lectured on the definitive history and current philosophy of Dr. Montessori as well as the current state of Montessori education. Addition to her exemplary work in the field of Montessori education, Mrs. Jones Tunney has many years of experience in non-profit development and leadership.

Mimosa and I are extremely excited about the chance to work together and the possibilities that lie ahead for our LOL family.

Sheldon Thompson