Our Perspective on Homework

At Love of Learning, homework starts in the Elementary Program.

There are some elements of homework that are controversial. With proper tailoring to the specific situation it does serve a useful purpose for the child. The keynote of Montessori is: “Help me to help myself.” It is the child’s task to do the homework. It is the adult’s task to prepare the environment: a place to work; an atmosphere conducive to learning; a time to work.

The children will have homework every day except Fridays. Homework will start on Monday, September 11th. Normally, we don’t expect assigned work to take more than 30 minutes for children in grades 1 - 3; 45 minutes to an hour for those in the upper grades. If it does take longer, you may tell your child to stop and let us know. Of course, if they want to keep going, that’s fine, too!  If homework takes less than 30 minutes, the extra time should be spent reading. Please let us know if your child has difficulty with the homework. Please do not correct your child's homework. It’s important for us to see how it’s done by the child; that means leaving spelling and math mistakes. If we are to help them, we need to know where the problems are.

It is expected that the child will develop the sense that homework is their responsibility.

- Shelly Thompson