Science Fair Success!

What a synergistic afternoon! So many people working together, parents, staff and kids, all fully engaged in hands on science activity of various sorts and at different levels – it was incredibly satisfying! We were particularly impressed with the elementary students who were so interested in their projects and assigned areas and were able to share their enthusiasm with the younger ones and get them involved in the activities. There were several very good exhibits and experiments on the effects of pollution over by Bayview cabin, that some of you may have missed. In any case, while the weather was perfect during the time of the Fair, for those of you who were still there after 3pm, there was one incredibly loud clap of thunder that we took as Mother Nature’s roar of appreciation for the work done! After that all was quiet and those parents who were able to stay after and help with clean-up continued with their work – thank you all very much!

- Mr. Thompson