A Gala to be remembered!

On a sunny and mild Friday, a handful of us started setting up in the tent. On a cold and rainy Saturday. many more spent the day making final preparations. All of us wondering, how many will come out on “a dark and stormy night…” By about 6:30 we had our answer. The place was packed with 240 attending – more than we ever had before! Those attending were on a mission to party in support of their children regardless of the weather. The commitment of those gathered to the children of our school was rock solid; it didn’t matter how much the wind and rain and cold huffed and puffed. A party of epic proportions was going on inside the elegantly appointed tent and there was no stopping the joyful sense of celebration! Building on rock solid convictions has its advantages…To Norell Liddell, event coordinator, her core committee members, and all who turned out in support of an awesome evening, we are incredibly grateful.