Halloween, What a Treat!

The synergy was wonderful: so many members of our community, young, middle and old, all working together!  We felt it's so good for so many kids to be able to be in one place, and, for the most part not running around frantic, crazy, but engaged in constructive, fun activity.  The parent support that came in so many ways was deeply appreciated. The Spooky Trail put together by the Elementary kids was especially well done this year - thanks to the Upper Elementary for seeing that everyone got through without being overly spooked! And while icing their own cupcakes at the end of the event was certainly popular with the kids, it was also satisfying to know that almost 100 apples in the apple spooning event were retrieved by the children and eaten during our time together.

Now it's on to gathering all the UNICEF  boxes and counting the money collected for the benefit of other children less fortunate than our own.

- Shelly Thompson, Director