Thanksgiving Perpsective

Despite the prevalence of such divisiveness and lack of civility in the news right now, in the long arc of history, we see that the divisions and scars of wartime and social upheavals are eventually healed.  In the end, good does prevail.  At present, the good now so evident in our children, family and school provides much to be grateful for. 

At this season of Thanksgiving I’m reminded of a book entitled, Made for Goodness by the South African Anglican archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu.  In it the author writes:

“One of the most important things is reminding people that we are actually made for goodness.  We are so…overwhelmed.  The media tend to inundate us with rather unpleasant news.  We have the impression that evil is on the rampage, is about to take over the world.

We need to keep being reminded that there is a great deal of good happening in the world.  Ultimately, good prevails….  contrary to all appearances, we are in fact made for harmony.  We are made for togetherness.  Ultimately, we are family. “       

Dr. Tutu arrived at his realization that we are all “family” from looking at life with a religious perspective.  Maria Montessori came to similar conclusions with the observant eye of a medical doctor.  For her, all of life was one web of interdependency.  No matter how independent we may feel, closed off in our suburban isolation, we are incredibly interdependent with each other.  We must go forward together.  This togetherness is something we are always stressing with the children in the months to come.       

On Tuesday, all the classes on both Top of the Hill and Harborside campuses will be coming together to celebrate our sense of family that has been developed during the Fall.  Each class will have prepared some snack item to share with the rest of the school.  It’s the preparations and sharing, and having fun doing activities we have traditionally done on this occasion for over 30 years that’s the essence of this holiday for us. 

It’s important to be mindful that the cares of preparing your Thanksgiving feast not become so focused on what is being eaten that you forget the simple joy of being able to share togetherness.

At this season of Thanksgiving we are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of all the pushing, pulling and stretching of our web of interdependency by the children, parents and staff of the LOL Montessori family.  It’s such an adventure and, in the end, it’s always good



We wish you all a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving!