PTA "Help me to help myself" discussion

“Help me to help myself” and it’s corollary: “Every unnecessary aid hinders development” – are two timely quotes from Maria Montessori. They were the topics of discussion at our PTA meeting this past Tuesday morning, and will again be the focus at our meeting Tuesday, Nov 15 at 7:30pm.

As parents shared experiences, it was clearly evident that it is a delicate balance – a tension that goes on through all the years of parenting. It is human nature, and a major ingredient of childhood to want to do things for oneself, by oneself. But there is also the side of each of us that wants to be carried through life. Ultimately, being free and independent is a key ingredient to a successful life. How do we support our children in getting to that goal is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. At our last week’s meeting there were some frustrations shared, but there were also some incredible solutions that parents had worked out in the ongoing effort to nurture that “can do” independence in their children.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, one parent, who has an adopted 3yr old and two older children of her own in their 20’s, (members of the millennial generation) acknowledged, had she spent more time when her older children were younger, helping them learn how to do for themselves, instead of what she saw, as more efficiently doing everything for them, she would not be getting so many text messages from them now: Messages asking how to do some of the most basic things one needs to know now that they are moved out of the house and on their own. We hope you can join us for next week’s evening meeting. Though the topic will be the same the discussion and solutions offered are different at each meeting.