Our Perspective on Homework

At Love of Learning, homework starts in the Elementary Program.

There are some elements of homework that are controversial. With proper tailoring to the specific situation it does serve a useful purpose for the child. The keynote of Montessori is: “Help me to help myself.” It is the child’s task to do the homework. It is the adult’s task to prepare the environment: a place to work; an atmosphere conducive to learning; a time to work.

The children will have homework every day except Fridays. Homework will start on Monday, September 11th. Normally, we don’t expect assigned work to take more than 30 minutes for children in grades 1 - 3; 45 minutes to an hour for those in the upper grades. If it does take longer, you may tell your child to stop and let us know. Of course, if they want to keep going, that’s fine, too!  If homework takes less than 30 minutes, the extra time should be spent reading. Please let us know if your child has difficulty with the homework. Please do not correct your child's homework. It’s important for us to see how it’s done by the child; that means leaving spelling and math mistakes. If we are to help them, we need to know where the problems are.

It is expected that the child will develop the sense that homework is their responsibility.

- Shelly Thompson

Summer Reading Reminder!

Hey Kids, 

How’s the summer going?  Besides jumping in the pool and having fun with your friends, we hope you are remembering the reading assignment we sent home with the report cards.

On the first day back in September we’d like to hear about what you’ve read.  For First graders please draw a picture of a favorite part of the best book you have read.

For everyone else, we’d like you to be prepared to share a list of titles and authors of the books you read as well as a book report for your favorite.

Happy Summer,

Cami Thompson,  Debbie Giordano, Ian Craig, Sarah Hodgkinson

Elementary Teachers 

"To everything there is a season..."

It has been a year of wonderful growth and development for all involved in our Montessori family. We are deeply grateful for the superb job the teachers and assistants have done, for the support of so many extraordinary parents, and especially for all the children who bring their love, joy and vitality into the classroom every day! It’s what keeps us all moving forward together.

Last week's beach event was the "icing on the cake" to this incredible year. So much coordinated working together by staff, parents - and especially the kids - made for a very satisfying time with fun for all. We must add special thanks to our office stalwarts and all those who donated the delicious extras to round out a great pizza lunch. Thanks also to the weatherman for what was probably one of the most perfect weather day we've had on the beach. For the record of this past Spring, that is a remarkable achievement!

For those enrolled in our Summer Day camp, we’ll see some of you beginning next week! For those continuing with us in the Fall, we look forward to renewing our relationships which are constantly evolving as your children grow. To those moving on to other educational settings, we wish you all the best and thank you for your patronage.

To everyone, have a great summer,

Shelly & Cami Thompson

Science Fair Success!

What a synergistic afternoon! So many people working together, parents, staff and kids, all fully engaged in hands on science activity of various sorts and at different levels – it was incredibly satisfying! We were particularly impressed with the elementary students who were so interested in their projects and assigned areas and were able to share their enthusiasm with the younger ones and get them involved in the activities. There were several very good exhibits and experiments on the effects of pollution over by Bayview cabin, that some of you may have missed. In any case, while the weather was perfect during the time of the Fair, for those of you who were still there after 3pm, there was one incredibly loud clap of thunder that we took as Mother Nature’s roar of appreciation for the work done! After that all was quiet and those parents who were able to stay after and help with clean-up continued with their work – thank you all very much!

- Mr. Thompson

A Gala to be remembered!

On a sunny and mild Friday, a handful of us started setting up in the tent. On a cold and rainy Saturday. many more spent the day making final preparations. All of us wondering, how many will come out on “a dark and stormy night…” By about 6:30 we had our answer. The place was packed with 240 attending – more than we ever had before! Those attending were on a mission to party in support of their children regardless of the weather. The commitment of those gathered to the children of our school was rock solid; it didn’t matter how much the wind and rain and cold huffed and puffed. A party of epic proportions was going on inside the elegantly appointed tent and there was no stopping the joyful sense of celebration! Building on rock solid convictions has its advantages…To Norell Liddell, event coordinator, her core committee members, and all who turned out in support of an awesome evening, we are incredibly grateful.